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Whether it’s a desk, backpack, locker, notebook or folder that requires attention, there is also a clear connection between the organization of physical materials and the organization of a student’s mind. Employing a unique system that is crafted around the specific qualities and needs of each individual child, we aim to ensure that organization is maintained in every facet of a student’s life.


Although guiding students towards success on a daily basis is a key component of our work, our goal is to make sure that students are able to develop the ability to succeed on their own as well. Understanding that determination and ambition are not instincts that exist within all students, we aim to foster a sense of drive and self-sufficiency within every child. We offer more than tutoring, providing academic mentoring and structured guidance in order to help all students achieve their maximum potential.

Time Management

Assignments that demand a considerable amount of steps, planning and effort are often intimidating to students and can be a cause of stress and concern. Whether it is an assignment that is due the next day or the next month, we work with students on how to plan and organize their time more effectively. Time management is a skill that is necessary for people of all ages, and we make it a priority to guide our students towards building solid habits both on their own and when working with a tutor.

School Placement Consulting

Public or private, different boroughs, uptown or downtown, varying sizes of population, demographics, difficulty level – so many variables come into play when choosing the right middle or upper school to which a student will apply. Every spring we meet with families who are going through this rigorous process and offer insight as to what each option presents to their child. Being strategic during the application process and being knowledgeable during this time of transition is vital, and we work side by side with our clients to ensure that these decisions are made with prudence and care.

Summer Lessons

While every child looks forward to the academic intermission that summer brings, summer can also act as an ideal opportunity for some extra help. During these months students can strengthen their skills and prepare for the upcoming school year with a tailor-made curriculum developed by one of our tutors. We help children fill any gaps that may remain when the school year comes to a close or preview concepts to come in the year ahead. Doing so in a more unrestrained atmosphere, as schoolwork and exams will be at a minimum during the summer, proves to be quite beneficial. When the summer is over, students will transition back into the school year with an invigorated sense of confidence and preparation.

Common Core

Our curriculum aligns with Common Core standards, ensuring that our expectations for student performance are consistent with what is presented in the classroom and on state tests. We work hard to establish proper integration and implementation of CCSS for English language arts (ELA) and mathematics for students of all ages.

Executive Functioning

• Teaching task initiation
• Planning/organizing approaches to major assignments
• Learning how to break assignments down into multiple steps
• Building awareness of time management
• Strengthening metacognition (a student’s ability to observe a his/her own learning)
• Recognizing how behavior/choices impact future events
• Talking about what the student/tutor are doing together, and connecting it to greater goals
• Discussing the cause/effect of missed assignments and establishing solutions for minimizing such missteps
• Creating/reviewing checklists

Singapore Math

Singapore math emphasizes the essential math skills recommended in the proposed Common Core State Standards, though it generally progresses to topics at an earlier grade level compared to U.S. standards. It teaches students mathematical concepts in a three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Our staff members are trained and prepared to help students whose schools implement the Singapore math teaching method.