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“Without Jesse’s guidance I have no idea how my son would have been able to balance his schoolwork with his varsity athletics. As a two-season athlete Justin struggled with managing his time during his freshman year of high school, but once Jesse stepped in he began to understand how to maximize his efforts and maintain a sense of stability with his schoolwork. Jesse didn’t only help him understand the subject matter, but he taught him how to be a more efficient and independent student.”

“As a parent of a 5th grade student I was concerned about making the right choice for my daughter regarding a middle school. Alice’s assistance in making the right choice for Rita was paramount, as her knowledge about the city’s school system and her understanding of Rita’s particular needs were vital to our decision-making process. Choosing amongst the wide variety of schools in the city, both public and private, would have been a very different experience without her guidance. When I say that Alice helped Rita get where she is today, I mean that in every way possible.”

“Alice Hartman tutored both of my children. Alice’s wisdom, approach, and skill genuinely make her a guardian angel and I smile every day when I think about her. She understands the public and private school systems and will give you an honest evaluation and an idea of what to do. She is no nonsense, upfront, and the very best tutor …I have ever met. Both of my kids went to Packer and my youngest son now works with Alice’s son, Jesse. Raph is in high school at Packer and he works with Jesse improving his math skills and preparing for the SAT’s. Jesse works with the teenagers and he has empowered my son to love math and Packer does not fool around about math.”

“Until Alice Hartman entered the picture, my daughter was math-phobic. With Alice’s low-key approach to tutoring, my daughter aced the ERB that led her to transition from public to private school in fifth grade, graduated cum laude from her very challenging high school, and did well enough on the SAT to win early acceptance from Harvard. She always says, “Alice Hartman got me into Harvard.” She adores Alice; all kids do.”

“It was never clear to my husband and I why Jancy was having such a hard time learning her multiplication facts. The tutor that AHT matched our daughter with worked like a magician, helping Jancy not only learn the timestables but also understand the foundation for multiplication. It wasn’t just about memorizing, but it was about comprehending the foundations of mathematics.”